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Advance your medical career today with an Electrocardiography (ECG/EKG) certification!

Demand is at an all time high for Electrocardiography technicians and medical assistants trained in the EKG ECG field and RCI's accelerated program will teach you these valuable skills with comprehensive hands on training and prepare you for your future career.

RCI's 50 hour course is recognized for its comprehensive yet easy to understand educational course and is a great choice for students of any level of experience. Contact us today to speak with a Health Care Career Representative at Regan Career Institute to learn how an EKG/ECG certification can help you accomplish your career goals and start you on the road to success!

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EKG/ECG Electrocardiography can help Jump Start your new Medical Career!

ECG/EKG Technicians (Electrocardiograph technicians or Cardiovascular technicians) perform EKGs, Holter Monitoring, Lead Placement and Stress Tests (usually on treadmill) and assist physicians in diagnosing and treating cardiac and blood vessel issues. Technicians operate and maintain EKG machines to read a patient's cardiovascular health and perform a series of tests to ensure accurate measurement. EKG/ECG testing is critical in many fields of health care and properly trained and certified technicians are always in demand.

Below are just some of the jobs available for Certified EKG/ECG Professionals in the Los Angeles area:

EKG/ECG technicians are amongst the most sought after professionals in the Health Care industry. RCI's State approved Certification course will help you get the job you want in Hospitals, Clinics, Physician Offices and more. Let Regan Career Institute help you jump start your career in health care! RCI counselors can help develop a student profile for you which will help place you in the best program possible.

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RCI will provide you with superior training and the foundation to successfully pursue a career in Electrocardiography. Our faculty and teaching staff are highly trained and experienced professionals. They are all Certified professionals in the EKG/ECG field. The classroom training is presented in a lively, interesting format combining lecture and active, hands-on on experiences.

RCI is Approved by the State of California

Our EKG/ECG Certification program is a nationally approved course. The approval of Regan Career Institute to provide electrocardiography training ensures that RCI meets California's & National standards for electrocardiography instruction and training.

Regan Career Institute is approved by the California State Bureau of Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education.

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